Tips for Ordering Wedding Party Favors or Quinceañera Keepsakes

Party favors or keepsakes have been a traditional way of thanking guests for attending any type of special event. They are small tokens to be kept by friends and loved ones as a memento of the special day. They can be used at any occasion, from bridal showers, anniversaries, wedding, quinceañera parties, baby showers and birthdays.


They are usually set at the guest tables, adding a pretty details which helps to decorate, or they can be handed out by the host or hostess of the party, for example: the bride and groom, or the Mis Quince celebrant. This distribution can be easily done by putting them in a pretty basket for a garden, or rustic boho theme, or placing them on a beautiful silver or gold platter for an elegant look. Giving the gifts out individually adds a personal touch, plus gives you a chance to acknowledge each guest.


Advice: if you choose placing your little keepsakes on the guest tables, you can place one favor every other seat. If you have two styles, then place one yes, one no; in other words, alternate. Although a word of caution: people always want it all, it’s human nature, so you’ll catch guests taking one of each, and therefore short changing the guest next to them. With one favor selection, if you are on a budget, you will avoid this predicament. If money is not an object, or you can’t decide, then go ahead and order two styles, but then order enough quantities to give both style selections to each guest.


For the most part, men seldom care about taking home keepsakes, and since most party guests come with a spouse or a date, when you are figuring out how many favors to order, count the ladies only! Don’t forget to always inquire with the merchant if there is a discount on an item when ordered in quantities. You may be pleasantly surprised with the reply, and save some money! 

If ordering personalized candy-chocolate boxes, these are great sweet treats, but not really considered a keepsake. They are devoured by the guests, and the container-card paper boxes thrown out many a times.


We hope this information is useful, and now hope you enjoy your online favor shopping!

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